Enjoy the flow of nature

You’ll find the Saint John River winding through the heart of this region. That’s why water sports of all kinds are favourite pastimes for many who live here. You can also go exploring in the two provincial parks in the area, Mactaquac Provincial Park and North Lake Provincial Park. Even in the urban centre of Fredericton, you’ll find tons of green spaces and long, meandering trails that will keep you close to nature every day.

Leisure & Recreation

When you come here, you’ll notice that you’re always finding something new to explore. Find a rare vinyl at a secondhand shop, go on a road trip to explore the region’s many farmers’ markets, try a fancy cocktail, or explore the many trails that weave their way through the region. There’s so much variety that you can enjoy—get an adrenaline rush ziplining over trees one day and then kick back and relax on a riverside patio the next.

Arts & Culture

This region is brimming with creativity and culture. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery are just two of the places to see world-class visual art. If live music, dance, or theatre are more your style, you’ll want to make sure to keep up to date with what’s coming up at the Fredericton Playhouse. In the fall, the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival draws some of the biggest names in music for electrifying live shows. No matter where you live, you’ll find unique festivals, events, and venues near you.


From baseball to rock climbing, tubing to golf, there’s no shortage of recreational sports and competitive events in this region to cheer for or participate in. In addition to the many scenic trails, there are multi-use fields, sport complexes, and facilities that will keep you active, and not just in the summer. In the winter, there are indoor and outdoor rinks, lots of opportunity to cross-country ski and snowshoe on the trails, and if you love to downhill ski or snowboard, the slopes of Crabbe Mountain will be calling your name.

Food and Drink

No matter what you crave, this region has a culinary scene to satisfy every taste. If you’re an avid cook, you’ll have no shortage of fresh local produce to choose from, and if you love a night out on the town, there are plenty of restaurants that range from fancy to fun. For craft beer afficionados, there are over 26 craft alcohol producers in the region, ranging from new start-ups to award-winning breweries. Cheers to that!


New Brunswick’s capital city, Fredericton, is nestled along the river at the heart of this region. Here, you’ll find large old Victorian homes and the historic Garrison District, which gives the city a feel all its own. But the charm doesn’t end there as there are small towns and villages throughout the region where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The area also borders on the state of Maine, so trips south of the border are also an option.

History & Science

History is never very far away here. You’ll see it in the architecture of Victorian-era houses, and experience it in places like Kings Landing, a living history museum depicting 19th century rural life along the Saint John River Valley. In Hartland, you can step back in time by driving through the world’s longest covered bridge (just remember to steal a kiss along the way!) For the science lovers, especially the little ones, a stop at Science East and its hands-on science exhibits is a must.