Nature with a capital N

From the city of Bathurst, which is framed by the Nepisiguit River, Youghall Beach, Daly Point Nature Reserve, and Chaleur Bay, to the many coastal communities that dot the peninsula all the way to the tip of Miscou Island, there’s no shortage of breathtaking nature. Explore Pabineau Falls, hike the Nepisiguit Mi’kmaq trail, or just kick back on a beach and be lulled by the soft sound of waves washing over the sand. It’s all here.

Leisure & Recreation

As the largest urban centre in this region, Bathurst has a charming seaside vibe that you can enjoy as you stroll along La Promenade Waterfront exploring tasty eateries, historic buildings, local boutiques, and regional artists. As you head further along the coast and inland, you’ll find vibrant communities on the Acadian Isles and along the Acadian coast that are rich in history and culture and where you can experience that famed Acadian joie de vivre.

Arts & Culture

When it comes to arts and culture, you’ll find it everywhere in this region. In August, the Festival Acadien de Caraquet takes to the streets with noise and music for one of the biggest Acadian celebrations of the year. In Lamèque, the annual International Baroque Musical Festival fills the Sainte-Cécile church with world-class performances. You’ll also find artists and artisans at the heart of every community with visual art, music, literature, dance, and theatre serving as important cornerstones for the cultures that call this coast home.


With a plethora of sport and recreation facilities throughout the region, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your favourite sports, indoor and out. This includes teeing up for some golf, paddling through the warm waters of Chaleur Bay, and for something really special, going dog-sledding along snow-dusted forests in the winter. The Acadian Peninsula is also known for its Véloroute, where you can bike over 310 paved kilometers (610 km with its 14 circuits) that connects 14 municipalities and local districts. Staying fit is definitely fun in this region!

Food and Drink

From fine dining to family-style restaurants, there are plenty of options to choose from. One thing is for sure though – you’ll find seafood on almost every menu, given that it’s fished fresh right off the coast. But there are plenty of other unique offerings in the region, like Distillerie Fils du Roy in Petit-Paquetville, an award-winning distillery whose spirits are world class, not to mention smaller cafés and farmers’ markets that have tasty local treats you’ll want to sample.


In this primarily Francophone region, you’ll notice right away that you feel part of a close-knit community where everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. Even in the city of Bathurst, you’ll likely know the name of your neighbours and people at your local coffee shop. Since there are so many towns and villages sprinkled throughout this region, do a bit of exploring until you find the one that checks all the boxes of your dream hometown.

History & Science

Want to know more about the history of this region? Then visit the Village Historique Acadien, which has period buildings that show snippets of Acadian life from 1770 to 1949 and gives you a real sense of how early Acadians supported themselves. Part of this way of life included fishing for over 40 species of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans that can be found in the waters here. To meet this sea life, stop by the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre in Shippagan.