Healthcare that’s appealing to new residents

Quality healthcare options and accessibility are a high priority for anyone moving to a new place. On top of basic universal healthcare, with coverage for most medical services provided by the provincial government, your new employer may provide additional coverage as part of your work contract.

New Brunswick’s healthcare system has ample benefits, including:

  • New Brunswick has over 23 hospitals in addition to over 170 medical facilities, clinics, and points of service across the province.
  • Our province is one health system made up of two healthcare networks – Vitalité Health Network and Horizon Health Network, which make up seven different regions covering the whole province. Your network and region of service will be based on where you choose to put down roots.
  • New Brunswick residents must have a New Brunswick Medicare Card to access healthcare services. The provincial government will provide you with yours.
  • New Brunswick residents do not have to pay fees to see their family doctor or a nurse practitioner. If you do not have a family doctor, care can be accessed at walk-in medical clinics which can be found in cities and rural areas throughout the province.
  • Patient Connect NB – a provincially managed, bilingual patient registry is available for New Brunswickers who are looking for a primary healthcare provider. You’ll just need your New Brunswick Medicare Card to register.

Other features of New Brunswick’s healthcare system

  • You can reach any emergency service in New Brunswick by dialing 911 on your telephone. There are facilities and resources for mental services and mental health emergencies, along with services and healthcare resources for persons with disabilities.