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It’s true, no matter where you go, that the first five years of any child’s life are crucial for learning and helps put them on a path to success. New Brunswick knows how important it is for kids to have a great start and for families to have childcare options that work for them.

The province prioritizes equal access and adequate support for all children and their families, our childcare/daycare spaces are among the most affordable in Canada, and availability continues to grow. We currently have 2,349 childcare spaces available in facilities across New Brunswick, with 3,400 new spaces in designated early learning and childcare facilities on track for completion by 2026.

New Brunswick’s early learning commitment

In partnership with the Government of Canada, New Brunswick’s commitment to early learning and childcare aims to achieve:

  • Creation of meaningful jobs
  • Enable families to improve their standard of living by removing the cost of childcare
  • Create a generation of well-prepared young learners


The province is actively working to reduce fees for children in childcare facilities by 50%.

Inclusion and diversity

The province celebrates and promotes diversity by ensuring First Nations communities, racialized children, children of new Canadians, and children of official linguistic minority communities have access to childcare resources.


New Brunswick’s early education and childcare system is dedicated to quality. This is achieved through world-class curriculums and standards along with enhanced funding for educators in order to attract and retain the best teachers.

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