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Healthcare is just one of the sectors that’s ripe with opportunities in New Brunswick. The province is one of the fastest growing areas of Canada, with an estimated 60,000 jobs that will need to be filled over the next 5 years in sectors such as social assistance, retail and wholesale trade, and manufacturing. So, if you’re the partner or spouse of someone moving here for a healthcare job, you can rest assured that your own career can flourish as well. The next 10 years forecast fantastic growth in New Brunswick, which is great news for anyone seeking a positive job market paired with an enviable work/life balance.

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Finding employment opportunities in New Brunswick is easier than ever with assistance from highly trained and understanding employment counsellors at Working NB. They’ll help you with your career decision-making, education and training advice, and job search assistance.

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Family-friendly job prospects

With a booming job market coupled with excellent community supports, newcomers can rest assured there are plenty of career opportunities to be found in New Brunswick.

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