Early Learning and Childcare

Learning starts early, and New Brunswick has implemented a 10-year early childhood education strategy with initiatives to help young children and their parents. To make families and early childhood education a higher priority, the New Brunswick Government is committed to:

  • Strengthening support for parents
  • Improving daycare facilities
  • Increasing wages for childcare professionals

New Brunswick’s official education and early childhood development mandate:

The mission for New Brunswick public schools is to have each student develop the attributes needed to be a lifelong learner, to achieve personal fulfillment, and to contribute to a productive, just, and democratic society.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

New Brunswick has a kindergarten to Grade 12 public education system that is provincially funded and offered through a dual system of English and French public schools. Students attending English schools also have the option to enroll in French immersion programs. Attendance is compulsory until high school graduation or age 18. New Brunswick’s public education system is world class, with the highest school graduation rate in Canada.

All training and education services (private and publicly funded) within the province are provided in both English and French, and afterschool activities too. Teacher training and requirements are geared toward quality, with each teacher required to have a Bachelor of Education degree, at minimum. Right now, 100% of New Brunswick’s schools are connected to the internet, and all students in elementary, junior high, and senior high have access to computer-based learning curriculum thanks to partnerships with private industry.

New Brunswick’s public education system is a successful one, with over 85% of students graduating from high school and with 100% computer literacy.


You can fulfill your higher learning ambitions in New Brunswick. The province has seven universities, with over 18,000 full-time students and 4,700 part-time students. New Brunswick’s universities are particularly well known for leadership in the fields of nursing, engineering, forestry, e-commerce, law, and more. Our universities are ranked among the best in Canada.

Private Training Firms and Community Colleges

New Brunswick believes in helping people build the skills to succeed. New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and Collège Communautaire Du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) are two of the province’s many highly acclaimed post-secondary institutions, whose alumni receive vital supports beyond graduation.

As part of New Brunswick’s dedication to creating a career-ready workforce, they support technical and industrial training at nine provincial community colleges. These colleges work with New Brunswick’s industries to match training with job prospects. They also support over 200 private training firms in the province, offering courses in a multitude of industries, from IT to tourism, and many more.