New Brunswick’s cities are ranked among the most affordable in Canada, and our migration numbers reflect that. Since 2020, the province has seen a record numbers in migration, and our population continues to grow as more people choose New Brunswick.

Better living by the numbers

If you’re looking to put down roots and start a new life in New Brunswick, the province puts your ambitions within reach. As the second most affordable province for homes, and with cities ranked among the most affordable in Canada, it’s the choice location for professionals and their families.

Choosing a great life

Since 2020, the province has seen record numbers in migration. Newcomers are discovering that New Brunswick has a lower cost of living compared to many other places in Canada and that purchasing a new home is within their reach. You can browse the listings currently available around the province here.

Living essentials

New residents quickly discover that the essentials of life are found in New Brunswick. Rental fees are considerably less than other areas of North America, combined with universal healthcare, quality childcare, and early learning system with government supports, life can be better – for less – right here.