Internationally Educated Nurses

The New Brunswick IEHP Navigation Service provides customized, profession-specific and client-centred service to IEHPs (Internationally Educated Health Professionals) at no cost to the candidate.

For internationally educated nurses (IENs), we work with each candidate, helping them navigate key challenges they might experience during the process to licensure, offering guidance surrounding:

  • The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).
  • Provincial entry-to-practice competency assessments.
  • Bridging programs available in the province.
  • Provincial regulatory bodies.

In June 2023, the provincial government announced a new five-year initiative to help reduce financial barriers for IENs entering the healthcare system in New Brunswick.

To be eligible for this support program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • be accepted for immigration to New Brunswick (i.e. have an endorsement or a nomination certificate),
  • have accepted an offer of employment (or be currently working in the province) in the healthcare field,
  • be a regulated, licensed nurse in their country or the country where they are currently working,
  • pursue the licensure/registration process in New Brunswick.

If you are already working with our IEHP team, please contact them to answer any specific questions about your current situation.

If you are not yet working with our IEHP team, please connect with us by completing this short form.

Take your first step

Interested in healthcare opportunities in New Brunswick, but unsure where to start? Our Navigation Service for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) is here to help familiarize you with the steps towards your healthcare career in New Brunswick.