Internationally Educated Health Professionals

Navigation Services

The Government of New Brunswick has launched a new set of navigation services for all IEHPs (Internationally Educated Health Professionals) which includes physicians, all regulated allied health professions, and the various nursing groups.

Each profession has a specific set of requirements which must be met in order to practise in New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick IEHP Navigation Service provides customized, profession-specific and client-centred service to IEHPs at no cost to the candidate.

The service assists candidates with key barriers they might experience during the process to licensure, offering guidance surrounding:

  • Provincial entry-to-practice requirements.
  • Support programs, where available.
  • Provincial regulatory bodies and national credential assessment processes and programs.

Internationally educated health professionals can connect with the IEHP Navigation Service by completing this short form.


Allied Health

Preparation for a job interview in Canada

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