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Family Physician – Professor – Dieppe Family Medicine Unit

The Family Medicine Department of the DGLDUHC is seeking to recruit one  full-time family physicians.  The successful candidate(s) agree to each be responsible for an office located in the Family Medicine Unit (FMU) at 185 Acadie Street in Dieppe. The successful candidatewill be required to make a significant contribution to teaching in addition to providing care and services to the patients assigned to them.

Under the responsibility of the Director of the Family Medicine Unit and the Director of the Programme de formation en médecine de famille francophone du N.-B., the successful candidate(s) must: The successful candidate(s) will provide inpatient services and participate in the hospitalization program and on-call coverage.   These positions are mainly focused on community-based primary medical and preventive health care and may include the following areas: palliative, geriatric, emergency, Obstetrical Clinic, surgical on-call list, oncology, etc.  The choice of services to be assigned will be made according to predetermined priorities set by the departments of the Dr. Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital Centre based on patients’ health service needs. For this position, the essential and immediate needs in the community are as follows: the physician must agree to accept as patients up to 75 newborns per year for the next three years.
Overview of the Family Medicine Unit – The Family Medicine Unit located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, is a medical clinic providing health services to a clientele of approximately 14,000 patients. The FMU has as its mission to teach residents and interns from the doctoral program in medicine at the Université de Sherbrooke as well as from the other faculties of medicine in Quebec. Conducting primary health care research is also part of the FMU team’s duties.

Overview of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre – The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre (DGLDUHC), located in the heart of the City of Moncton, is the lead facility of the Beauséjour Zone (Kent and Southeastern New Brunswick region) of Vitalité Health Network.  This 302-bed hospital provides primary, specialized and tertiary (more complex) care using cutting-edge technology. It has over 240 physicians, 2,000 employees and 315 volunteers.  It provides services in both official languages. The DGLDUHC serves patients from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC is a provincial referral centre for its highly specialized services. As a teaching and research hospital, it maintains close ties with a number of the country’s universities and colleges.
Overview of the Regional Health Authority – Vitalité Health Network is one of the two regional health authorities in New Brunswick.  The Network is the only Francophone managed organization of its kind in the country and provides services in nearly 70 sites and points of service throughout four health zones covering all of the northern region and part of the southeastern region of the province.  Services and care are provided in the official language chosen by the patient and are available at home, in the community or in a facility, according to needs. The range of services includes illness prevention and health promotion, treatment of illness, rehabilitation, home care and palliative care.  Services additional to those provided by hospital facilities include public health, community mental health, addiction, community health centres, the Extra-Mural Program, and veterans' centres for a broader range of health care services.  The Network is also active in the training and research fields, with these efforts helping to keep employees’ skills up-to-date and to plan for succession.  Further information is available by visiting our website at

The positions involve clinical work providing general medical care to patients. Duties include providing medical services related to the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and may require working closely with various health professionals.  The work, which offers considerable latitude to allow for independent action and judgment, will be reviewed by the head of the department or clinical program to which the physicians belong. The work may also be monitored by the local and regional Chiefs of Staff and the Regional Medical Director for the regional health authority (RHA). The physicians will comply with the By-Laws of the RHA. By working at the FMU, the successful candidates will be required to teach medical students and residents.

Remuneration for practice in the community is based on a fee-for-service model under which New Brunswick Medicare pays fees directly to the medical staff for any service provided.

Remuneration for hospital, emergency and medical teaching services is based on a sessional model with a fixed hourly rate.
• Degree from a recognized medical school and postgraduate studies (residency) in the field of family medicine;
• Certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), or equivalent;
• Eligibility to obtain a licence to practise from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick. To contact the College, visit;

Hold a Clinical Professor appointment from the Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé of the Université de Sherbrooke or be prepared to take the necessary steps to obtain this appointment.
• Written and spoken knowledge of English and French is necessary.
Adhere to the professional ethical principles, management philosophy, organizational values and By-Laws of the organization.
As soon as possible
• Possibility of a location grant and/or business grant depending on eligibility, as determined by the Department of Health (return of service required);
• Moving expense allowance.

Please send your resume by October 1 , 2020  to the following e-mail address:

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